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The Project

The concept behind A Brief but Brilliant Pause came to me when I wanted to tell a story about the clandestine moments that happened on the fringes of a large party. The unheard conversations and altercations that occurred in the bathroom, on the street outside, and in the host's bedroom while everyone else was somewhere else having fun. 

Those intimate moments always seemed to stick with me the morning after, and many of these private experiences from my teenage years informed who I am as an adult in a much more powerful way than any public confrontation or declaration. The way that people behave in their private moments when they are most vulnerable has always moved me more than any post on social media. I wanted to capture the importance of these moments, along with their innocence and naivety. 

A Brief but Brilliant Pause is an exploration of growth and identity, love and friendship. It is a journey through the no-man's-land that exists between childhood and adult life. The story is a time capsule, an earnest manifestation of the past put onto paper. A Brief but Brilliant Pause is meant to be exactly that; a story about vibrant moments that will become vivid memories that will become life stories. It is a celebration of change that is at once both nostalgic and euphoric - just like growing up. 

- Jordan Kerns (Writer & Co-Director)

About Us

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Jordan Kerns - Executive Producer, Co-Director, and Writer

Jordan Kerns is a LA based actress, writer, and model. She started her professional career at age twelve, working as a commercial actress. After graduating high school and working on her first pilot she decided to fully dedicate herself to a life in the arts. Kerns has appeared on television on hit shows such as Shameless and Wisdom of the Crowd and starred in many short films.  In the past few years Kerns has branched out creatively,  developing her own feature film and television scripts as well as working behind the camera as a director and producer on short films and music videos. A Brief But Brilliant Pause is the amalgamation of Jordan's experiences navigating the transition between childhood and adulthood in and out of Hollywood. She dreams of finding the perfect team to bring her vision to life. 

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Joseph Barton - Executive Producer and Co-Director 

Joe Barton is an award winning filmmaker experienced in all facets of narrative and commercial production. He currently works as an in-house post-production supervisor and director at Darkroom Agency. Through Darkoom he directs high-end TV commercial campaigns while also overseeing a team of editors, VFX artists, composers and animators. In addition to his commercial work, many of his narrative films have gone on to be finalists at festivals such as the Seattle International Film Festival, CalShorts, LAFF, and more. Barton is currently based in Los Angeles. 

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